This is the link to our document exchange site to 
enable us to securely share documents with each other:

Login Screen
Database Key:  karieh
Login Name:     Your User Name
Password:        Your Password

Your folder will appear with a list of your documents.
If it is a PDF file, just double-click on the document and it
will appear in Adobe Acrobat Reader for you to view and print.
* To save and download the file
  Right click on the desired file name and select "Save Target As"
  Then select location where you would like to save the file and click on "Save"
  Highlight File  Tab and select "Copy File"
* To upload a document to your folder
  Highlight File  Tab
  Select "Add File" 
  "File" field – Click on "Browse" to locate desired file
  Highlight desired file and click on "Open"
  "Description" field – Enter description of document
  Click on "Add"
Confirmation message will appear - click on  "OK"

Documents will appear in your folder.


Copyright 2003 Andersen Horie & Company, LLC